PC in the USA

A black guy, a Mexican, a redneck, an attorney, a guy in a wheelchair, a guy who likes to party, and I walk into a bar…..

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  While it sounds like the beginning of a very complicated joke, it’s actually a description of “The Brethren,” a group of guys I hang with on Thursdays drinking craft beer.  I love these guys like brothers.  Great people.  Great friends.

And unbelievably politically incorrect.  We target everyone, especially each other.  Black jokes.  White jokes.  Hispanic jokes.  Handicapped jokes.  Hell, the best ones usually come from the person you think would be offended.  Yes, sometimes we can take it a little too far.  But it also shows how comfortable we are with each other.

And miraculously, after all the drinks, all the jokes, and all the laughs, none of us ever end the night in handcuffs, arrested by the “PC police.”  In the last couple months, their “Quit it or ticket” political correctness campaign nabbed several high-profile criminals. They caught comedian Amy Schumer telling racist jokes.  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hates Mexicans.  A college student wrote an op-ed teaching notorious shitstorm stirrer Jerry Seinfeld how to do comedy after Seinfeld complained college campuses were too “pc.”  Seinfeld….think about that.

South Carolina lawmakers passed a bill to stop flying the Confederate flag at the statehouse after a racially-motivated shooting at a Charleston church, a move I wholeheartedly agree with.  However, the “PC police” now want to make it a hate crime to fly the flag, much like the swastika in Europe.  There’s a warrant out for Kid Rock’s arrest because he uses a Confederate flag in his shows.  Oh, wait.  He hasn’t used it in five years.  Never mind.  Obviously, the 1st Amendment right to free speech clearly means “If you can’t say something nice, we won’t allow you to say anything at all.”

Let’s cut through the confusion with these visual aids, shall we?

Pretty simple, right?  And that doesn’t include Muslims, illegal immigrants, and overweight people.  The “PC police” dragnet ensnares more and more offenders, so much so two libertarian authors recently published this book calling out liberals :


That’s right, libs.  They blame you for this.  And I agree with much of what they say.  Look, I’m all for political correctness when it involves ending the use of hateful words and derogatory stereotypes.  But somehow, it evolved into outrage over anything that hurts anyone.  Saying or doing something someone finds “offensive” must be followed with an apology.  Your right never to be offended now trumps my right to offend.

But I disagree with putting the blame ENTIRELY on the “Left.”  Those of you on the “Right” need to admit you suffer from your own “PC police” problem.  It also involves a flag, outrage, and apologies.  I call it “patriotic correctness.”

I touched on it in my February blog after former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani questioned whether President Barack Obama “loves America” because he criticizes it.  Last week, the Right’s “PC police” began a manhunt (Is that politically correct?) for pop singer Ariana Grande after security footage from a doughnut shop caught her saying “I hate America.”  Yes, that same video showed her licking the shop’s doughnuts.  But we must denounce Grande for her anti-American sentiment before someone takes her seriously!  A North Carolina pastor and former Army Ranger raised a Christian flag above an American one, and the “PC police” hauled him into Fox News court for judgement by a jury of his peers.

And it happens time after time after time.  Remember this:


The organizer of this event claimed there’s a “violent assault on free speech” after a Texas traffic cop killed two gunman trying to stop the event.  And she’s right.  Because if you do this–


You receive death threats from Americans.  I’ve seen some of my Facebook friends, people I respect, people of intelligence, post those threats.

Singer Ted Nugent said this about President Obama:

Nugent also said he would either be “dead or in jail” if President Obama won re-election in 2012.  The outpouring of strong comments like “I don’t agree” from the likes of Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Rick Perry forced Nugent to apologize.  Compare that to the 2004 Dixie Chicks comments about President George W. Bush:

Man, after saying that, I completely understand all the death threats, and yells of “traitors” they received.  Much like a Virginia photographer who posted this photo on her Facebook page in March:

And let’s not forget the reaction to Coca-Cola’s multilingual “America, the Beautiful” commercial aired during the 2014 Super Bowl:


That wasn’t the only tweet accusing Coke of changing the “national anthem.”  I’m sure some of those people lick doughnuts too.

After seeing these reactions, I think you can understand the need for a real political conversation in this country.  These type of emotional reactions not only “shut down debate,” as the book above says.  They give power.  Think about the Confederate flag.  The Civil War began after the election of President Abraham Lincoln out of fear Lincoln would abolish slavery.  Many historians believe the turning point of the war came when Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.  It’s power is that it did not abolish slavery.  It made all slaves in rebellious territories FREE.  It didn’t take away someone’s right.  It GAVE a right to those who did not have it.  And now, those calling for an end to flying the “Stars and Bars” only emboldens the people who want to fly it.  You see it time and again historically.  The Temperance Movement.  Gay marriage.  Civil rights.  Women’s rights.  Change and compromise can only occur by giving something, not by taking something away.

That’s why I fight for the right to offend.  So I leave you with my favorite joke–“What do you call a black person who flies an airplane? ”

“A pilot, you fucking racist!”

It makes me laugh every time.  Why?  Think about it.


1 thought on “PC in the USA

  1. Rurik70

    It is quite interesting, racists are having a problem with the removal of said flag.


    Because their bastion of racism and discrimination has been effectively removed?

    Because their horrifying congregation image has been dutifully removed?
    Or is it the fact they have warped American history so badly that they actually are no longer capable of ascertaining what is real and what is true.

    Many of the closet racists who have launched in to abusive tirades against my research, derived from thoroughly vetted peer reviews and learned references, have not been able to quantify any lucid arguments that are based on factual data.

    They (southern deniers and closet racists) identify very abstract diplomatic endeavors and then hyper-accentuate these attempts at avoiding war. Which actually accentuates the futility of their lackluster arguments.

    They also isolate verbiage utilized in documents which were criminal in nature (i.e., honorably declaring our severance from a torn relationship). Anyone with half an ounce of understanding the sequence of events in American history can easily understand that by signing the Declaration of Independence they were essentially signing their own death warrant. (Our Declaration of Independence was not an invitation to a birthday party. Under the context and relationship we had with Great Britain – it was illegal, i.e., criminal.)

    With that being said, the next document created that was actually codified was our US Constitution. Within OUR US Constitution our perfect Founding Father’s, at no point, nada, nothing, remotely cites a desire to allow a destruction of our, “more perfect union.” This dubious contrivance by southern deniers/closet racists is utterly obtuse, virulent, and beguiling.

    In essence, southern deniers/closet racists have a Pavlovian response that automatically incites an aggressive and violent emotional verbal response. In other words, when confronted by factual data southern deniers/closet racists shutdown at their core deductive reasoning level leaving a primal and antisocial automaton.
    The “flag” unequivocally symbolizes racism, treason, criminal conduct, and crimes against humanity.

    It has continuously symbolized racism and violence against Black Americans since the creation of the KKK in 1866.

    In fact, as was written by a South Carolina newspaper:

    “the hell-born policy which has trampled the fairest and noblest States of our great sisterhood beneath the unholy hoofs of African savages and shoulder strapped brigands [US Army officers] – the policy which has given up millions of our free-born, high-souled brethren and sisters – to the rule of gibbering, louse-eating, devil-worshipping, barbarians, from the jungles of Dahomey [west Africa], and peripatetic buccaneers from Cape Cod, Memphremagog [Vermont], Hell, and Boston.”

    The KKK and this “flag” symbolized and was utilized to terrorize Black Americans for over a century. This “flag” helped terrorize thousands and thousands of people throughout the United States.

    Racists, carrying this “flag”, dragged people out of their homes:
    – Elias Hill
    – Samuel Simrell
    – Miles Barron
    – Jim Williams
    – Senator Benjamin Franklin Randolph
    – Senator Solomon Washington

    All tortured, murdered (gunned down) by KKK scum carrying this “flag”. (just to name a few decent Americans murdered by racist scum carrying that “flag”).

    NOTE: The bulk of KKK membership was made up of confederate soldiers.

    People carrying this “flag” were so violent that President Ulysses S. Grant enacted the KKK Act of 1871.

    There was no “States rights” element of the secession. It was simply for “free labor” and the disgusting and unholy belief that Black Americans were not human.

    There is absolutely no provision in the U.S. Constitution for secession. This is a farce/fallacy fomented by the internet. No learned source exists that even remotely conveys this myopic idea. In fact, the only source of this contrivance is Wikipedia.

    The secession issue was utterly quashed in the US Supreme Court decision, Texas v White 74 U.S. 700 (1869). This court decision actually provided amnesty to Texas and it affirmed the non-existence of such a contrivance as secession.

    As an amusing point of reference, the US Constitution specifically cites, “……in Order to form a more perfect Union…..”. Why? Why, pray-tell would our “perfect” Founding Fathers create a MORE PERFECT UNION, only to give some group of myopic recalcitrant’s an option to destroy that MORE PERFECT UNION?

    That “flag” is a disgusting representation of racism, treason, criminal conduct, and crimes against humanity.

    That “flag” holds the exact same filth as the NSDAP flag that is illegal/outlawed in Germany.

    If there is a desire for history or historical reference then put it in a museum. Actively waving it, openly, is not history. That is a passive aggressive attempt to provoke and cause harm.

    Just because there are a few people who are misguided as to the true nature of that “flag” does not negate the unholy and disgustingly aggressive actions of the present KKK, Aryan Nation, White Aryan Resistance – not to mention the disgusting usage by Dylann Roof. By the way, the list can definitely go on and on regarding the insipidly racist individuals and groups who gleefully fly this “flag”.
    The “flag”, ergo its image is a blatant provocation and a direct attack towards those of ethnic diversity (for the purpose of this discussion – non-white).

    The rebel flag is a historical image and should certainly be allowed to be displayed in a museum or a family’s home given their affiliation to a former family member (ancestor) who fought with those units.

    But, what has been occurring over the past 150 years is a strikingly divergent mentality that is abusive, volatile, and violent towards non-whites. Racism will always be present. Racism will always be apart of our lives.

    And imagery will always be used to inflame those racist proclivities. In other words, individuals usually do not display violent emotions until they have a feeling of unity. In other words, a person standing still having thoughts of racist ideations is not easily discerned by those in close proximity.

    BUT, when that individual then augments those thoughts and ideations with an image (confederate flag) many, with those same thoughts and ideations, begin to realize they have “friends” with the same violent and racist proclivities.

    Imagery gives individuals a point to rally around.

    Everyone knows that a confederate flag is racist and everyone knows that those racist ideas and thoughts are protected by those States displaying this “flag” in the south.

    With that being said, racism is also conveyed in a book. Case in point, The Turner Diaries.

    Point of Reference: The Turner Diaries inspired Timothy McVeigh to conduct the terrorist attack in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    But, a book is not an image that is used to rally around (yes, I know, there are a few books that deviate from this postulation). With that being said, I am not sure why you would proffer the idea of banning a book.

    In fact, regarding books, are you aware that J.D. Salinger’s book, Catcher in the Rye, inspired John Hinckley Jr. and Mark David Chapman to shoot President Reagan and John Lennon.
    With that being said, J.D. Salinger’s books are wonderful. Again, why postulate banning a book.


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