Monthly Archives: December 2016

Holiday News Observations

Conservatives who enjoy calling liberals “snowflakes” need to realize they elected the “King of the Snowflakes” as PEOTUS.  

Israel is enraged at the UN resolution against settlements. It claims the U.S. orchestrated the vote despite 50 years of anti-settlement stance and cut off ties to 12 countries who voted for the resolution (but not the U.S.). Problem is, if it cut off ties to all countries against the settlements it would cut off the entire world. Plus, does anyone else find it odd Bibi seems to support our new PEOTUS who is also supported by Neo-Nazis and white nationalists?  

All those up in arms when President Obama visited Hiroshima seven months ago need to learn the definition of “diplomacy” after PM Abe’s historic trip to Pearl Harbor yesterday.  “Diplomacy” is something I’m sure will be but a fond memory four years from now. 

When I heard about yesterday’s bomb scare at Trump Tower, and how it turned out to be just a bag full of toys, this immediately popped into my head as his reaction:

If you grew up in the 80s, love the 80s, and weep for all your heroes and stars who passed away recently, you need to blame….the 80s.  Yes, the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher added to the long list of 80s stars “taken too soon.”   But like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, Glenn Frey and David Bowie before them, it was 80s stardom that killed them.  The rise in popularity of cocaine and the following crack cocaine epidemic the drugs plus prescription drug use took its toll on their bodies.  Bowie supposedly survived six heart attacks before dying from liver cancer.  Even Vanity, Prince’s protégé, died earlier this year from renal failure caused by a drug overdose years before.  It’s fitting 2016 also claimed Nancy Reagan, the person most closely tied to America’s “War on Drugs” campaign.