Darrin Willhite grew up in Sherrard, Illinois, a rural, farming community of 700. The son of a father who worked for the Department of Agriculture, and a teacher, they instilled the importance of education in finding ways to work smarter, not harder, his thirst for knowledge, and his insatiable lust for debating just to debate.
After graduating from Illinois State University with a broadcasting degree, he used that degree to work as a PR intern for the Quad City Thunder, a cashier at a casino, a gas station employee, and a county manager candidate for the Illinois Farm Bureau.
He finally gave up on finding himself and went to work in the thankless industry of television. Since then, he’s worked in Peoria, Illinois, Moline, Illinois, and West Palm Beach, Florida, as a producer and executive producer for both local newscasts as well as national television shows.
Darrin also spent five years with ComedySportz Quad Cities, an improv comedy troupe in Rock Island, Illinois. There, he learned much about himself and how much he loved to make people laugh. He honed his sharp tongue and quick wit, crafting ways to piss people off through humor.
After becoming disgruntled with news, political television shows, and countless debates that never got to the heart of our problems, he decided to follow his heart and pursue his true calling. He felt it was his duty to push boundaries, dig deeper into political issues, and start real political conversations that force you to question yourself before you question others. Darrin hopes to start a debate we can actually finish, with a real understanding of the facts, the differing opinions, and real compromise.
Darrin Willhite is a shining example of what makes America exceptional – the right of every opinionated asshole to start his or her own blog.


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